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EUA Newsletter 15    17 September 2010

University leaders and managers debate income diversification in Bologna

More than 150 university leaders and stakeholders, and representatives of public authorities from 40 countries gathered at the University of Bologna this week (13-14 September) to discuss the crucial issue of financial sustainability of universities and diversifying sources of income. The conference was the platform to debate the findings of the EUDIS project (European Universities Diversifying Income Streams).


The findings, presented at the meeting, drew on the results of an online survey completed by more than 150 universities across 27 countries, and site visits and workshops involving a further 70 universities. Thomas Estermann, EUA Head of Unit for Governance, Autonomy and Funding, presented some key findings of the research, highlighting the continued dependence of most universities in Europe on public funding, but also revealing that a majority were deeply concerned about future prospects for teaching and research funding. In a context of budget cuts for higher education in many countries, universities are increasingly aware of the need to diversify and generate additional income, with alternative income sources already representing more than 10% of the budget of a majority of universities. 


Presenters at the conference provided participants with a wide variety of case studies of successful income diversification, ranging from long-term, structured collaboration with large companies to lifelong learning centres. The study found, however, that successful implementing of such activities is dependent on a number of pre-conditions. It is crucial that universities first seek to identify their strengths and specificities to develop their branding strategy, analysing the potential for income generation of their activities.
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Policy and Projects News

Call for case studies on assessing collaborative research – EUIMA Project

EUA has published an open call for universities to contribute with case studies to the identification and sharing of good practice in the development of their collaborative research with external partners. The project will review the current state of play and adequacy of assessment tools and indicators with respect to the various research missions of universities.
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Call for expressions of interest to take part in a Full Costing study visit – EUIMA Project

As part of the EUIMA – Full Costing project which aims to enhance the development of full costing in European universities, EUA is launching a call for expressions of interest to participate in the first study visit to the University of Coimbra in Portugal on 13-15 December 2010.
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OECD/IMHE General conference: EUA highlights key success factors for universities during economic downturn

This week’s OECD Institutional Management in Higher Education (IMHE) General Conference in Paris, ‘Higher Education in a World Changed Utterly: Doing more with less’ focussed on how universities could respond to the increasing demands made on them in the face of falling financial resources in the context of the global economic downturn.
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Bologna Process and the recognition of professional qualifications

EUA monitors European-level developments at the interface of the Bologna Process and the EC Directive (2005/36/EC) on the recognition of professional qualifications. The most recent update has just been posted on the EUA website.
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Events News

Call for papers: EUA-CDE Workshop, Mobility and Collaboration – international and inter-sectoral

The EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE) has launched a call for papers for its upcoming workshop on “Mobility and Collaboration – international and inter-sectoral”, which will take place at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary on 20-21 January 2011.
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News from Brussels

Commission opens consultation on future education and youth programmes

The European Commission has opened a public consultation on the future of its EU funding programmes in education, training and youth. The consultation includes questions on the development and design of the programmes and how they can contribute to the EU's Europe 2020 strategy, and in particular "Youth on the Move" and "Agenda for new skills and jobs" initiatives.
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Commission launches Youth on the Move Initiative

The European Commission has this week launched Youth on the Move, one of its ‘flagship initiatives’ aimed at raising the quality of education and training in Europe and preparing young people for today's job market. 
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Member and Partners News

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