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Quality Culture Project - Round II (2004)


Round II of the Quality Culture Project revealed the significantly increased awareness of institutions to their external environment and how its affect – both positively and negatively – the development of a quality culture. These trends include:

  • Europe of knowledge and the important role of higher education institutions.
  • Internationalisation and globalisation and the importance for clear missions and objectives.
  • Increased competitiveness and the emergence of the higher education market.
  • Constraints in public funding and the need to diversity funding sources.
  • Constraining legal frameworks
  • Management problems due to short-term performance contracts with state authorities.

Building upon the results of the previous round of the Quality Culture Project, the environmental analysis constituted the backdrop for examining quality issues. Thus, participating institutions have confirmed the following conclusions reached in Round I:

  • Recognition of the demands for greater external accountability and greater institutional autonomy.
  • The need to embed quality culture as a top-down and bottom-up approach.
  • The need for specialised quality units, while being more aware than in Round I of the advantages and disadvantages of such units.
  • Agreement on a formative rather than a punitive approach to quality culture.
  • Appreciation of students’ role in quality culture.
  • Emphasis on the external stakeholders’ role in quality culture, while stressing the need to set appropriate boundaries on their relationship with the institution.

Report on the Quality Culture Project, Round II (2004)


For the second round of the Quality Culture Project, EUA selected 45 institutions from 24 European countries and grouped them in the following themes:

  • Theme 1: Research Management and Managing Academic Staff Career
  • Theme 2: Student Support Services
  • Theme 3: Implementing Bologna Reforms
  • Theme 4: Teaching and Learning
  • Theme 5: Partnerships Between Universities and Other Types of HEIs
  • Theme 6: Programme Evaluations

List of participating institutions.

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