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Presentations from Dublin Workshop


Dublin Institute of Technology

Dublin, Ireland
21 September 2010


 Promoting Collaborative Doctoral Education for Enhanced Career Opportunities, Lidia Borrell-Damian

The Role of PhDs in the Smart Economy, Anita R. Maguire

Facilitiating the synergy between the academic and industrial community, Dr Brendan Duffy

Docotral Education at CREST - A Graduate Perspective, Dr Niall Stobie 

Research & Doctoral Education at The Dublin Institute of Technology, Dr Mary McNamara

Collaborative Doctoral Work and Enhancing Employability, Dr Mick Wilson, Conor McGarrigle, Nollaig Ó Fiongháile

Science and Technology: Research and Success in the Irish Economy, Kevin Donnelly

Challenges for Environmental Health Academics and Practitioners (EHAP's), Martin Devine

Biopharmaceutical and Bioprocessing Technology at Newcastle University, Prof. Elaine Martin OBE

Doctoral Education at DIT: A Regional Dimension, Prof. Ellen Hazelkorn

The Human Nutrition EHAP - Impacts of the outcomes of collaborative PhD projects in society, Ms. Sharon Kennelly

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