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7th EUA-CDE Workshop
Outcomes of Doctoral Education – Mindset, Research, Innovation

Hosted by Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir, Turkey
23-24 January 2014 

The Library of Celsus in EphesusThe view on the Outcomes of Doctoral Education has changed significantly in recent years. Although the doctoral degree is obtained through the presentation of rigorous research in the form of a thesis,  the main outcome of doctoral education is now seen as the doctoral candidate — a person who has acquired a particular mindset and skills through the research experience. As only a small minority of doctorate holders go on to follow  traditional research careers, this definition of the outcomes of doctoral education has become increasingly relevant. Having been exposed to the intellectual and practical challenges of a research project enhances the doctorate holder’s creativity, leadership potential, rigour and ability to meet unexpected challenges. These are all attributes that are valued in a number of working environments. However, the thesis is the tangible proof of a successful research project and testifies to the doctorate holder’s research mindset. It may have different forms (for example a monograph or a series of papers), but it should be an original contribution to human knowledge and possibly, directly or indirectly, lead to innovation in all sectors of society.

The 7th EUA-CDE Workshop will closely examine the following notions:

  • What is meant by the research mindset, and what is it that doctorate holders bring to society?
  • What forms should the thesis, the language of the thesis and the thesis defence take? How can we assess that a doctoral candidate has attained a research mindset and that his/her contribution to human knowledge has been original and innovative?
  • What role does doctoral education have to play in innovation?


The workshop is aimed at vice-rectors, deans, heads of doctoral schools and research staff responsible for doctoral programmes.

The workshop is only open to EUA-CDE member institutions.

Hosted by:

Dokuz Eylül University

Photo: The Library of Celsus in Ephesus

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