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8th EUA-CDE Annual Meeting
The Future of Doctoral Education – where do we go from here?

Hosted by Technische Universität München/TUM Graduate School, Munich, Germany
18-19 June 2015


copyright Thorsten Naeser What lies ahead for European doctoral education? During the last 10-15 years, universities have been aligning doctoral education more and more with their institutional strategies, as well as establishing structures for professional management. Doctoral education has evolved from being centred almost exclusively on a supervisor-supervisee relationship to an activity for which institutions take far more responsibility.

The new challenges facing universities include digitalisation, open access, MOOCs, ethical dilemmas, competitive and performance-based funding and a greater need to demonstrate the impact of their research. With the discourse of the open economy, political stakeholders are giving more attention to research in general and to doctoral education in particular. The 8th Annual Meeting of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education will examine what these developments mean for the future of doctoral education. How should universities prepare their doctoral candidates to deal with issues concerning open access, research ethics and the societal impact of their work? And what role should doctoral education play in building research capacity? 

The Annual Meeting of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education is the largest gathering of all stakeholders in the field of doctoral education in Europe. It provides opportunities for open discussions of the challenges and opportunities facing colleagues from all over Europe and beyond.
The discussions from this year’s Annual Meeting will feed into EUA-CDE’s new policy initiative concerning doctoral education, which is entitled Doctoral Education: The Shape of Things to Come.


The conference aims specifically at opening discussions between different stakeholders such as university leaders, researchers, political decision-makers, funding organisations, quality assurance agencies and all others interested in the development of doctoral education.

Hosted by

TUM/TUM Graduate School


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