Quality assurance and accountability Print

IEP is committed to continuous improvement and adheres to good international and European practice, such as the ‘Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area’ (ESG).


All IEP pool members adhere to the Internal quality procedures  and the Charter of Conduct for Pool Members, which ensure that the evaluations undertaken correspond to IEP’s mission and objectives and are in substantial compliance with the ESG. 

Further, an institution may complain on procedural grounds if an evaluation has not been carried out with due consideration to the Guidelines or the Charter of Conduct for Pool Members.

The complaints procedure consists of a series of steps:

  • Following a site visit or receipt of the evaluation report, the institution can lodge a complaint on procedural grounds within one month. Complaints are made in writing by the head of the institution concerned. They are addressed to the IEP Secretariat at iep@eua.be. The institution should explain the ways in which it considers that the evaluation was flawed.
  • Receipt of a complaint is acknowledged within a fortnight by the Steering Committee Chair.
  • The Steering Committee Chair will investigate the matter with the institution and the evaluation team.
  • The Steering Committee Chair determines what action, if any, will be taken in response to a complaint and will inform the evaluation team and the institution.


As part of its quality assurance processes IEP undergoes external reviews every five years. The latest evaluation was carried out by a review panel appointed by ENQA. The IEP self-evaluation report (dated October 2013) is available here.  The ENQA panel report can be downloaded here.