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Since 1999, EUA has been publishing the TRENDS reports, with a view to feeding an institutional perspective into European higher education policy discussions, and improving exchange and networking among European universities and support for them. The principal method is a questionnaire sent to European higher education institutions, which is complemented by other research methods, including focus groups, visits to universities, interviews, and questionnaires to other stakeholders. The resulting reports are designed to present reliable, longitudinal information about how the European Higher Education and Research Areas are being developed across the continent. Over time, EUA’s Trends reports have become crucial sources of information and reference works for policy makers and the higher education community alike.

Overview of EUA TRENDS Reports

Trends 2015: Learning and Teaching in European Universities

By Andrée Sursock

The Trends 2015 was published right in time for the Bologna Ministerial meeting in Yerevan, Armenia, in spring 2015. Compared to previous Trends reports, it places greater focus on learning and teaching, including e-learning and MOOCs. 

Trends 2010: A decade of change in European Higher Education

By Andrée Sursock & Hanne Smidt

was presented to Ministers of Education, university leaders, student representatives and key stakeholders in Vienna on 11 March 2010. Published in the year of the official launch of the European Higher Education Area, it provides an overview of progress towards the European Higher Education area from 2007 to 2010, and assesses the achievements and impact of the Bologna Process over the past decade from a university perspective. It examined a decade of Bologna reforms in the context of other changes that have affected higher education, whether through international, European or national developments and set an agenda of priority actions for the next decade building on the achievements of the last ten years.

The report is based on the qualitative information and quantitative analysis of longitudinal data from higher education institutions across the 46 countries of the European Higher Education Area, combining a survey questionnaire, institutional site visits and focus group discussions, similar to TRENDS V.

Full report - English Executive Summary - English

Trends V: Universities shaping the European Higher Education Area (2007)

The Trends V report shows the progress made by Europe's universities in implementing Bologna reforms, and outlines the main challenges ahead. It is thus a significant publication for all those concerned with European higher education, be it universities, students, governments, business and industry, or other stakeholders. It provides a comprehensive view of the state of European higher education in 2007 - as seen by higher education institutions themselves. 

More than 900 European higher education institutions contributed to this report, either by responding to a wide-ranging questionnaire, hosting visits of research teams, or through providing input in other meetings.

Trends V: Universities shaping the European Higher Education Area
By David Crosier, Lewis Purser & Hanne Smidt, 2007

Full report - English
Executive Summary - English
Trends V presentation

The report was presented to the Ministers of Education at the Ministerial Conference in London on 17 and 18 May 2007.

Trends IV: European Universities Implementing Bologna (2005)

The Trends IV report provides up-to-date information on higher education developments in Europe until 2005. The first findings of the project were discussed at the 3rd EUA Convention of European Higher Education Institutions in Glasgow (31 March to 2 April 2005), while the final report was presented to European Ministers of Education at their Ministerial Conference in Bergen (19-20 May 2005).

Trends IV: European Universities Implementing Bologna
By Sybille Reichert and Christian Tauch, 2005

Full report - EnglishFrench, Spanish, Catalán

Executive Summary - English, French, German, Spanish, Catalán

Linked to the Trends IV project, co-author Sybille Reichert prepared a report for EUA entitled Research Strategy Development and Management at European Universities (2006), which confirms the Trends IV findings that few institutions have developed institutional research strategies. The report focuses specifically on the internal and external issues which drive the development of strategies regarding issues such as promoting excellence, building partnerships with industry, recruiting top scientists and the scope and quality of research training.

Trends III: Progress towards the European Higher Education Area (2003)

The Trends III report (2003), produced for the Graz Convention and Berlin Ministerial Conference, introduced the perspective of over 800 higher education institutions into the Bologna debates. This was achieved by gathering information through a questionnaire covering all aspects of the Bologna Process. The analysis of responses challenged many pre-conceived ideas about the progress of European higher education reform, and raised a number of questions and challenges of institutional relevance that merit further exploration.

Trends III: Progress towards the European Higher Education Area
By Sybille Reichert and Christian Tauch, 2003
Full report - English, French
Summary - English, French, German

Trends II (2001)

Trends II: Towards the European Higher Education Area - survey of main reforms from Bologna to Prague
By Guy Haug and Christian Tauch, 2001
Full report - English

Trends I (1999)

Trends I: Trends in Learning Structures in Higher Education
By Guy Haug and Jette Kirstein, 1999
Full report - English

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