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Prof. Rudolf KropilProfessor Kropil has been the President of the Slovak Rectors’ Conference since June 2014 and Rector of the Technical University in Zvolen since 2012. He graduated from the Faculty of Forestry (1987), was awarded a Doctoral degree in Agricultural Sciences and Forestry (1994) and was appointed as Professor by the President of the Slovak Republic (2005). Previously, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Forestry at the Technical University in Zvolen (2007-2012) and held the position of Coordinator (2010) and Deputy Coordinator (2001-2010) in the Wildlife Conservation and Management unit of the International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO). He was also a national representative to the FP6 Programme Committee on Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystems of the European Commission (2003-2006); and a member of the European Bird Census Council (1994).

His research interests cover the sustainable use of natural resources, applied zoology, wildlife ecology as well as biodiversity protection.

Professor Kropil was awarded the outstanding Doctoral Research Award and the Gold Medal for substantial scientific contribution to research areas monitored by the IUFRO in 2000.

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