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EUA’s monitoring of the impact of the economic crisis on public funding for universities in Europe

EUA has been monitoring the evolution of public funding to higher education institutions and the impact of the economic crisis on higher education systems in Europe since its onset in 2008 and has published several reports (see below).

The EUA Public Funding Observatory interactive online tool gives the user the opportunity to look at the data and the developments over years in a customised way.

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The EUA Public Funding Observatory
What is the impact of the economic crisis on Europe’s universities?
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The monitoring is conducted in close cooperation with EUA’s collective members, the National Rectors’ Conferences, who report on developments within their national higher education systems on a regular basis. The continuous feedback from various sources provides up-to-date reports of the situation and highlights the evolving nature of the effects the crisis has had on university funding across Europe.

The main objective of the monitoring is to look at the impact of the crisis on universities’ public funding and to identify in particular the trends in public funding across Europe. It also explores how the crisis has affected the nature of public funding and how such shifts are influencing universities at institutional level.


EUA has published several analysis reports on the impact of the economic crisis on universities in Europe, which further detail the situation in different higher education systems.

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